a matter of perspective

Caring for a baby 24/7 has made me realize how many bizarre, mildly self-abusive things I was in the habit of doing on a daily basis.

Examples: lip-plumping gloss (contains a peppermint irritant to temporarily plump up lips). I don’t want this to hurt her skin if I kiss her, so I don’t use it. And when I think about it, WHY was *I* deliberately irritating the delicate skin on my lips, anyway?

Another example: Artificial Sweeteners. I’ve always known that these are simply not healthy—it’s strange to put an artificial substance in one’s body that contains no nutritional value and whose long term effects are widely unknown or negative…all for the sake of convenience. I would NEVER feed River an artificial sweetener. The idea is absurd. Which begs the question, why in the world was I OK with putting such junk into my own body?

It’s amazing how asking the question: “Would I give this to my baby?” changes how I view what I use on and for myself….



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2 responses to “a matter of perspective

  1. I’ve been thinking on this lately too — recognizing the way I treat myself and thinking about what I want for my child. Why do I do these things again?

    And being pregnant — knowing that everything I take in goes to my baby too. That changes SO, SO many things.

    • Thank you, Kirsten….yes, isn’t it amazing the changes that occur when we take another little being into account? I couldn’t believe how clear everything became when I was eating while pregnant–it was suddenly so easy to know what was healthy and what wasn’t when I looked outside of myself to my little one…

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