the adventure begins…

The Adventure Begins

Our adventure began on Monday afternoon, August 16 with a 2:20 PM flight to Seattle. We have an unfortunate amount of baggage, as we’re carrying things that we weren’t able to ship or check (e.g., both laptops, both cameras, etc)…not the maximum allowable, but a lot to carry. And even more unfortunately, we have a lot to carry on—all the electronics, plus River’s stuff, plus our guidebooks, etc. I think I’m too paranoid for my own good…but my thought was that our guidebooks are really important, and we have 4 of them…if they got lost, that would REALLY stink, so on to the carryon they go. Maybe I’ll learn to let go a bit more as we progress on our trip.

The flight went well, even with an extra deplaning thrown in. River actually fell asleep during the first takeoff and slept for an hour for the first leg. She was up for the ENTIRE second leg of the trip, even though she was still very tired. Overall, though, she cried for about 3 minutes (scattered) of the 3.5 hour flight. NOT bad! There was a kind passenger behind us who kept making faces at River and making her laugh (awesome!). Thankfully, River hasn’t yet had any ear issues with landing and taking off. Let’s hope that holds true for the next 4 takeoffs and landings. :)

We got SEA/TAC on time, then grabbed our luggage (it all survived, albeit my bag got inspected and complete repacked, which creeped me out, even though they fit everything in better than I originally had) and headed over to the Hertz counter to get our rental car. We ended up with a Subaru Forrester (it’s NICE!). Thank goodness for AAA—they got me a great rate with a $40 off coupon, plus 10% off….the taxes in Seattle, though, end up being 42%(!!). I’m assuming it’s one of their ways of compensating for lack of state income tax.

We called our host, Reggie Taylor, a longtime friend of Anthony’s, and arranged to pick him up and head to dinner at Ivar’s Fish Market, on the pier. It was happy hour with tons of appetizers and “bites” half price, and we had a seafood FEAST—juicy, tender fish & chips, a crab quesadilla that had so much crab that you could actually taste it (rare), shrimp spring rolls, oyster shooters (for Anthony only!), and steamed clams (another Anthony-only dish), topped off with house-made vanilla-bean crème brulee (we split one between the 3 of us and it was the perfect end to a savory meal).  That crème brulee was among the top 2 best I’ve ever had.

Since Anthony and Reggie had lots to catch up on, and since River was thrown off and antsy, I kept her in the Ergo carrier for dinner, ate standing (it was nice to stretch my legs after the long flight), and we went for several short jaunts during dinner, exploring the pier, tasting a free fudge sample at Ye Olde Curiousity Shoppe (super hokey, but cute), and looking at the gorgeous ocean view.  We’d look around, then wander back to the table and I’d have some food, then we’d do it all over again. It was actually nice b/c it forced me to pace myself while eating, and I ended up eating the perfect amount of food rather than stuffing myself if I’d been sitting at the table eating at my normal, way-too-fast pace.  Next, we’re driving to Vancouver. : )


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