FAQ About our move to CT

“Are you all settled in?”

Yes—we’re in school-provided housing. It’s an adorable, 70 year old house with a basement AND a semi-finished attic. I LOVE this little house.  It has tons of windows, so we get marvelous amounts of natural light, and my back yard is filled with my favorite flower—hydrangeas! I also have 3 gigantic trees in my backyard, and everytime there’s a breeze or it rains, the leaves makes the most delicious, soothing sounds…kind of like the ocean lapping at the beach.

And speaking of the ocean….we live 3 miles from Calf Pasture Beach, a tiny, rugged beach that overlooks several tiny islands and from which we can see Long Island on a very clear day. I have a Whole Foods and a Trader Joe’s within 3 miles of me, so life is good! I also have an amazingly well-stocked public library and access via internet and book ordering to any books in the state of CT.

River has her own room, as do we. The office is in the attic, so we don’t have to worry about River wreaking havoc on our electronics once she’s more mobile.

Another plus is that we live behind the hospital parking lot, so Anthony can just walk to work for most of the year, except for the few times when he has to commute to New Haven. This leaves me with the car for most of the year (Yay for mobility!)

We live 1 hr by train from The City, as they call NYC here. We’ve gone several times, but have yet to take in a Broadway show or to do anything that’s not super-touristy.

“What are you going to do when Anthony’s residency wraps up next year?”

We have no set ideas. We’re open to whatever opportunities may arise and are looking forward to seeing what our options are. We still have our CA property to go back to if need be, and if we really enjoy the East Coast, we may opt to spend some more time here.

“Is it a big adjustment? Are you homesick frequently?”

I really miss our church community, family, and friends, though it hasn’t hit me fully yet because we’ve been so occupied with getting the house fully settled, etc. It hasn’t really hit home that I can’t just call up my friends and see if they want to hang out….I’m not really looking forward to that! :-/

“How do you like the East Coast?”

I love it. We came at the tail end of summer and are now experiencing Fall…a true, New England Fall. It’s beautiful beyond words—the dramatic colors, crisp air, amazingly sharp changes in temperature. I’m so grateful to be able to experience the 4 seasons in all their glory (though I may not be saying that in January!) :)

“Will you be back for the holidays?”

Unfortunately, Anthony only gets a few days off for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Given the awful travel conditions, weather constraints, and long flight times, we’re opting to keep our holidays very low key and to stay local.

“What’s a typical day over there for you?”

Anthony works 12-24 hour shifts 5-6 days a week, plus he has to study and prep for his upcoming cases, tests, and certification classes. He works many, many hours. He occasionally has slower days that are only 9 hrs, and does get some weekends off, so we’re able to do something together once every 2-3 weeks.  River and I go out almost every day—we go on walks, go for drives, and explore the various thrift and children’s consignment stores in the area. I’ve found lots of great children’s books, some clothing, and several nice toys for her (exersaucer, high chair, blocks, bead maze, etc).

River is extremely social now—her faux-hawk gets a lot of attention in public, and she frequently smiles and waves at people who talk to her. She’s finally sturdy enough to sit in the shopping cart, so I have a nice, giant cart-cover that I put over the seat to ensure that she isn’t exposed to too many germs, and she rides along with me and tries to grab everything that we roll past.

This is all punctuated by River feedings, lots of bouncing and play time, reading books, bathing, diaper changes, snacks, solid-food experimentation, cooking attempts, singing, and lots of laundry.



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