Food for thought

While this article tells of a situation that is disturbing and sad, I found a lot to hope for after reading it. I mean, if a morbidly anorexic woman can raise a child–a daughter, no less–who is relatively free from eating disorders, then there’s hope for the rest of us moms who struggle to make peace with food.

The article, “I Was Starved of a Normal Childhood,” is one woman’s description of being raised by an incurable, in-denial anorexic whose eating disorder lead to her mother’s early demise at age 48. This woman’s daughter (the author of the article) has obviously done a lot of thinking about and processing of her situation and describes her journey in coming to terms with both her mother’s beautiful qualities as well as her destructive, hurtful behaviors that injured herself and her daughter. It’s worth reading for anyone who has food issues or who knows someone who does.



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