what it is to hold a happy toddler

Heather Armstrong, of dooce.com, describes the ecstasy of holding a happy toddler….SO TRUE (emphasis mine).

“The only way I can describe what it’s like to hold you as you make these high-pitched, exhilarating outbursts about the simplest of things is, well, use of illegal drugs. People ruin their lives with illegal drugs because they want to feel that feeling I feel when I’m holding you in the morning.

Because it is the purest essence of that which hasn’t been desensitized by pain, loss, disappointment, or failure. It’s the thrilling rush of hope and possibility shooting right into the meaning of what it means to be human: we are alive! We live! Look! Another day to be alive! That is the fundamental principle behind everything meaningful. We are alive to witness.” ~Heather Armstrong

(See the rest of her letter to her daughter Marlo, on Marlo’s second birthday, here).


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