In-depth Review of StraightTalk Wireless Service

As someone who cares about such things, I’ve decided to do a detailed review of Walmart’s Straight Talk Cell Phone Service Plan.


  • Previous Carriers: I was a customer of AT&T for 7 years (2000-2007). I switched to Verizon and stayed with them for 3 years (2007-2010), then switched to Straight Talk in August of 2010.
  • Type of user: One a scale for 1-10, 1 = can’t text and 10 = uber-techy, must have the latest/fastest/app-iest phone in existence, I’d say that I’m a “7”.

I’m fairly “techy,” and while not a power user (didn’t/don’t have a smart phone), I talk on my phone around 2000 minutes/month, and sent over 100 texts/month.  I was just about to switch to a smart phone to help with my job when I went on a maternity leave and ended up taking time off from the full-time work force. I decided that it would be overkill to have a smartphone as a stay at home mom (especially given the costs of data plans).

  • Why StraightTalk?

In short: Verizon/ATT Coverage for half the price!

I was drawn to StraightTalk b/c they’re purported to use the networks of AT&T and Verizon for their coverage (this is not stated anywhere in the literature, but most in-store employees will tell you this verbally and it’s fairly easy to verify online).

Since those are the two main companies that own the most bandwidth  and cell towers, I thought I’d be better off going with them than with Boost or some of the other cheap alternatives that have to fight the big companies for the tiny amount of remaining, available bandwidth.

And indeed, when I emailed myself from my phone, the phone’s address had an “att” line in the address, indicating that it was part of the att network. When the phone boots up, it says it’s part of “Tracphone” (which is part of Verizon’s network. Also, this article states that StraightTalk is part of Verizon’s network).

  • Area of use: I have used Straight Talk extensively in CT, NY, and in Southern CA.
  • Straight Talk phones Used: Samsung T255G (basic flip phone with picture message, blue tooth, web access, etc)

Also, the Samsung T401G (slider phone w/ QWERTY keyboard, bluetooth, web browsing, fairly large screen, etc). Both phones are functional but NOT fun.

  • How StraightTalk Works:

You sign up online at their website, or you can go into Walmart and purchase phones and service cards there. They charge $30 for 1000 minutes, 1000 MB of data, and 1000 texts/month. Or you can pay $45 for unlimited everything, including picture messaging. The minutes don’t “roll over” from month to month, and there’s no refund for not using minutes within the allotted 1 month period.

If you go over your minutes (on the $30/month plan), your phone just stops working until you refill. There’s no chance of getting overage charges.  You can set it up to automatically refill if you have your credit card debited every month.

No contracts or credit checks are required. If you don’t have a credit card, you can prepay for a year’s worth of service or you can simply keep purchasing the service cards and add them to your phone as needed.

You can port over your existing phone number for free. I had a Verizon phone with no Sim card, and it took over a week to get my number ported over b/c  StraightTalk had to send out a special “replacement” sim card for my new StraightTalk phone in order for it to connect with my existing number.

My friend who went from AT&T to StraightTalk said that it literally took 90 seconds for her number to port over to her new StraightTalk phone.

Important: for now, there are NO “deals” or insurance available on their phones other than buying a reconditioned one (online only). In some Walmart stores, there are better phone selections than online.

If your phone gets ruined, etc., you can’t exchange it for another one or get a discount on a replacement. You’ll pay full price for whatever phone you decide to get. In my case, I had an $80 phone that my toddler threw into the bathtub. It was totally ruined, so I bought a cheap $30 phone to replace it.

**UPDATE** I was just in Walmart on 9/23/2011 and they now offer a replacement plan for purchase with any new phone. I was buying a $50 phone, and the replacement plan (good for 18 months after purchase) only cost $9.

Service is ONLY available in the USA. NO options for international coverage. (A non-issue, in my mind, as international coverage from ATT or Verizon is prohibitively expensive unless your job is willing to pay for it).

Now, on to the actual review! :)

Phones offered: Pretty lousy selection, but functional. Like I said, StraightTalk is not for power users. StraightTalk is best for someone who wants a phone that can text, take pictures, and talk to other people, and who wants to go online for fun, but not for anything one needs to do in a hurry.


  • Talking:  Overall, the coverage is virtually indiscernible from ATT/Verizon about 90% of the time. When I’m driving, at someone’s house, or out and about running errands, I generally have full reception, only occasionally dipping down to 3 bars.

I’ve noticed at difference when I go into large buildings or into houses that are in hilly areas. With StraightTalk, I will completely lose all reception and the phone will read “NO SERVICE” when I try to dial or text, whereas when I had ATT/Verizon, I would just notice that I’d get LESS reception (maybe just 1-3 bars) and always be able to text.

  • Texting: Like I said, the texting is much more finicky with StraightTalk than with ATT/Verizon.  However, it works perfectly 90% of the time, and if you have a very long text it breaks it up automatically and sends it as up to 12 separate messages.
  • Web Browsing: Both of the phones that I’ve had are capable of online browsing. The screens are tiny and the speed of browsing is so frustratingly slow that I never use the feature unless I’m, say, in a waiting room and don’t have a magazine to read. It’s like the speed of old-school dial-up.  I don’t understand why this is the case—either the phones just have terribly slow processing speed, or the bandwidth is being “throttled” by the provider. I’m friends with someone who installs/maintains cell sites, and he assures me that whenever there’s an upgrade to 4G, etc., all of the old technology is ripped out and replaced by the new. In my experience, the speed is basically non-functional unless you just want to browse something like Facebook.
  • Picture Messaging: Spotty. Within the network, it’s not much of an issue, though my husband has sent me pictures that the network couldn’t retrieve (and he’s a StraightTalk user too). Outside of the network, I’ve found it to be hit and miss. When my friend sends me pics from her AT&T SmartPhone, sometimes I can view them and other times the network refuses to retrieve them, giving me a “service denied” message. Also, you can only use picture messaging if you have the $45/month unlimited plan.
  • Apps: Haven’t seen any.
  • Customer Service: Outsourced to India. The reps are very polite and fairly good at getting things done. Their English is totally understandable, and their comprehension is good, too. One annoyance: you can tell that they’re forced to use overly-formal scripts (calling people “Ma’am” and “Sir” and asking for permission before doing ANYthing: “May I put you on hold for 2-3 minutes while I confirm this with my supervisor?” When I had the Sim Card issues, it took almost an hour on the phone with customer service to get the situation figured out.


POSITIVES: I’m thrilled to only be spending $75/month on our combined cell phone bill (plus around 80 cents in tax). I’m able to talk and text as needed, and never have to worry about overage charges. There are no hidden fees, which is a nice change from AT&T and Verizon. (I remember having a $79.99 family plan with an additional line for $9.99 that ended up costing me $120 every month after all the taxes and fees were tacked on. And that was when I DIDN’T go over my allotted minutes/texts).

Given that my husband and I don’t use our phones for work or for entertainment (gaming, video streaming, etc), this is a good plan for us.

NEGATIVES: The service is slightly worse than what I had with Verizon or AT&T—less reliable and less available. The web browsing speed is a joke (dial-up speeds).  This was a huge disappointment to me, b/c  the internet is such a huge part of my life that I was hoping to be able to have mobile access to it. I wanted to be able to look up directions on Google Maps or check the price of something on, etc., but the phone screen is so small and the browsing speed so low that it’s not practical. The phone selection is awful—I used to always choose phones at Verizon or AT&T that 1) fit my budget and 2) had features that I really liked. That’s not an option with StraightTalk’s crummy lineup.

So, am I happy that I made the switch? Was it worth switching to save $45/month ($540/year)? YES! I don’t think that what I had with Verizon was worth an extra $500 +/year, and with StraightTalk, I don’t have the built-in consumer-driven pushes to “upgrade” for a discount or for “free” that I did with the big companies. In reality, with moderate use like mine, a phone can last for at least a few years (if a toddler doesn’t throw it into a bathtub!). It’s nice to be able to easily make the choice to just hang on to what’s working.

**Update, Sept 21, 2012: I just bought a smartphone from them (Samsung Optimus Q) and had a  terribly customer service experience. Porting my number over from my OTHER Straight Talk phone took 24 hours with a horrible, long, unproductive customer service call thrown in. I got a “we’re too busy to take your call” message, and on another occasion, when I signed up for them to “call me back in 14-18 minutes”, they never called. I’m not sure what has changed–perhaps they’re too busy now that Walmart is heavily advertising their services?–but I’d classify their customer service as basically nonexistent, since it’s so hard to access. Overall, though, once my phone was activated, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the great reception and coverage wherever I’ve gone. The speed of the internet (via my home WiFi network and via 3G is also very satisfactory).



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29 responses to “In-depth Review of StraightTalk Wireless Service

  1. Audrey

    Thank you for writing this review. My husband and I have just purchased Straight Talk plans and I keep seeing horrible reviews. Nice to see one that seems honest.

    • Thanks so much for reading and for the feedback, Audrey! Hope you and your husband are happy with the plans!

    • aaron

      straight talk has by far the WORST customer service of any company I have dealt with in my entire life.

      they are completely incompetent and under-trained. they have also lied to me to get me off the phone. promising one thing, only to be disappointed.

      i have called about this particular issue FOUR (4) times and just checked my account to see that, again, i have been lied to and will have to call AGAIN for the fifth time.

      my issue is straight talk royally screwed up my phone transfer. story short, i ended up buying a year long service plan + a 30 day service plan + they gave me a free month for the huge mess up on their part.

      that means my service plan, with all the time added up, should expire 3/4/15. of course, since NO ONE at STRAIGHT TALK has any idea of what they are doing (they barely speak/understand English) i’ll have to call in for the 5TH time.

      the last four times, i tell them they need to escalate the call to a real manager (they lie and say they are a manager — dont believe them!). they assure my the dates are changed. i call them liars. again, they assure me. i usually have to submit to their incompetence cause by then i am just so frustrated.

      a couple days after each call, i log back into my account only to see the dates changed back!

      i am done trying to get what i paid for.


      • That’s the type of service I got with AT&T. I am on Verizon month to month with no contract. I was considering straight talk cause I know people that use it for fb. After reading these reviews, I think I am going to stay with Verizon. I have no problems since I got the phone. I need a new phone, as mine won’t ring half the time, so I got to thinking about different companies. I will say that I have found that the phone can make the world of difference in service and in certain houses. I have a house by a hospital and helicopter pad, so there are radio waves all over the place that it even affects my tv reception. I did a lot of talking the last time I got a phone like 5 years ago. I was going to IPhone and 2 different AT&T reps lied to me to make me happy, and then when Best Buy telephone rep got on the phone with an AT&T rep, they told me different, so I cancelled the cell service and U-Verse TV with them and only kept internet, cause I can not get it cheaper anywhere. I found to get cheaper internet service, you have to call the cancellation department and tell them you are sick of the problems that I have dealt with, and there have been many on changing rates every month on me. They will get you the lowest promotion price they can come up with. I started at $25 a month 8 years ago. I now pay $35.54 a month. That’s when I asked about no contract phones and was told about Verizona and antennae issues, cause I brought an I-Phone home with me and had absolutely NO SERVICE inside my house. Had to go outside to talk. I took it back, found out about the lies and quit AT&T and got the Samsung. It has slide out keyboard. Not touch screen. I have had Samsung, because at the time I got this it was on sale and I had previously been told by the rep at store that the antennaes are better with Samsung as #1 and LG as #2. The phone I picked up the other day is a LG. I have 15 days to take it back. My problem is Wal-Mart doesn’t transfer phone numbers and you have to pay Verizon or Wireless Trendz to transfer them for you. That pissed me off, so I am still not using the phone. I may take it back, just to get the extra time to see if I like it after I figure out how to get the numbers transferred. The only downfall that doesn’t bother me that much, cause I don’t want to have my nose in my phone all the time, I only have a small amount of memory and not enough to use for fb at all. I used it when my laptop went out, and it drove me insane. That is another reason I was thinking about changing service, so I could have internet to look at maps and such. I also have to pay for navigation and directions like the talking gizmo that I can’t think what the name of it is right now.

        I really appreciate finding this review site. It has helped me a lot. Thanks to all !!

  2. Robert

    Liked your review, hope to be on the straight talk plan real soon! The Wal-Mart in Dubuque, Ia. knows nothing about this phone service so i had to find everything online. I plan on buying the Samsung phone with the biggest screen available. Mostly just for Face booking.

  3. Monica

    Thanks for the breakdown on the service plan. My mom has had this service for a couple of years but only uses it for calling and very little texting. I want to switch to use the web feature for facebooking while I’m out and about, but like you, I am a stay at home mom and I cannot justify paying an extra $40+ a month on top of the $60 I already pay for only texting and calls. This was very helpful and I hope to switch over to Straight Talk very soon. Most of the other reviews were either very satisfied or very disappointed with the service, but none went into the detail you did.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Monica! :) Good luck with the switch! And you might also want to check out before you choose StraightTalk–I’m actually thinking of switching to them b/c of their awesome phone selection and their use of the Sprint Network. Their prices are comparable to (and in some cases cheaper than) StraightTalk.

  4. Kenny

    You can’t get be out of my Straight Talk service. I LOVE it. Same service as I had with my former AT&T service…for $45. I have it working with my 4S. It was a great move on my part. Way to go Tracfone & WalMart!

    • Nice to hear that you love the service, Kenny!! Glad it’s working so well for you–yeah, the price is unbeatable. :)

      • Thomas Smith

        Too bad the service is unacceptable… Great price… seems like good hardware, but heaven help you if you need customer support.

  5. John A 1984

    Customer service is absolutely horrible…my droid just stopped receiving incoming calls one day and I couldn’t turn call barring off no matter what I tried…I repeatedly for almost a week tried calling customer support only to get a recording that they were too busy at the time too handle my call…I was persistent though and finally got a hold of nice lady that had me do all sorts of things to my phone and had me give her all its info…well she ended up concluding that it was just a local service problem and deactivated my phone and asked me to call back after 24 hours to reactivate it and it should work..well I tried and I had to use someone elses phone to do it and after almost another week of trying to get through and getting the same message I finally gave up…they ripped me off for two weeks of service and I threw the phone in the trash…big waste of time and money

    • Hi John A!

      I have to agree with you: I just bought a smartphone from them (Samsung Optimus Q) and had a similar experience. Porting my number over from my OTHER Straight Talk phone took 24 hours with a horrible, long, unproductive customer service call thrown in. I too got the “we’re too busy to take your call” message, and on another occasion, when I signed up for them to “call me back in 14-18 minutes”, they never called. I’m not sure what has changed–perhaps they’re too busy now that Walmart is heavily advertising their services?–but I’d classify their customer service as basically nonexistent, since it’s so hard to access.

  6. Thank you so much for this review. I am currently a Verizon customer and I have been contemplating switching carriers since the implementation of their “share everything” plans. I have been a smartphone user for the last 8 years and it’s getting harder to justify paying more and getting less from my data package. Straight Talk seems like a reasonable alternative; in fact, I was in Wal Mart this evening and noticed that they offer a Samsung GS2 for under $160… not too shabby of a deal.

  7. Byron Dougherty

    Hi..I have been with ST for several years and over all things are good..But be prepared to spend over an hour with tech/customer service to straighten out screw ups when ever there is even a slight change in your account.
    for instance. I recently had a phone stop working so I bought a new one..called in to get it activated to use my existing number.
    Everything seemed to go ok..and after a few hours the phone activated and started working EXCEPT it had a totally different phone number.
    So I called in to get this corrected and an about 90 minutes with customer service my problem was corrected.
    Since the beginning I had been on the auto refill plan..
    but when they changed over to my replacement phone they did not keep it on auto it got again with another 65 minutes on the phone with them..I’m back to auto refill..BUT..I just found out that when they put it back on auto refill..they changed the plan from the previous $30.00 per month to $45 per I’m about to once again call in and be prepared to spend another hour to get this corrected..
    This unfortunately happens each and every time any phone changes have taken place..THEY ARE HORRIBLE..and they DO NOT all speak good english..
    The price ya pay to go on the cheap!!
    Byron Dougherty

    • Thanks so much for your comment, Byron. Yes, I’ve had the same {awful} experience with my last 2 calls. Luckily, I don’t need to call customer service very often. Definitely part of going cheap, but I’m saving so much money and am so happy with my reception and data that I’m willing to deal with it for now!

  8. A good number of Straight Talk customers reported to Newsbeat Epicenter a variety of horror stories in conjunction with this cellular company. So Newsbeat Epicenter ordered the Samsung Glaxy Proclaim/Gingerbread 2.3 and the Samsung Galaxy Precedent Gingerbread 2.3 from the Wal-Mart website to experiment with. First of all the Android 2.3 is pretty amazing plus there are over 600,000 apps you may be interested in with many of them free of charge and others mighty low cost.
    However, boxed, these Straight Talk handsets claim unlimited talk, text and data. As it turns out the talk and text have been unlimited with the Unlimited $45 load card. However, during our experiment our data slowed down to nearly nothing on both handsets in 3 week period of time. And when our techs called Straight Talk they claimed we used too much data so they drastically cut our speed way down. Straight Talk provided that the data is not at all unlimited as they claim. Well they refused to give us back our surfing speed and we were told we would not get back to normal until we renewed our so-called “Unlimited” service the next month. So we did renew and our surfing speed went back to normal for a few hours then both handsets were deactivated because we used too much data in 12 hours or less. One handset was reactivated yet we were warned about data abuse. The other handset was locked down entirely and we were told that phone could never be activated again by Straight Talk nor any other cellular company.
    By the way they charged us $45 plus tax ($53.08) yet deactivated our service about 12 hours later. We are seeking a chargeback of that money but have not received it as of yet. And we will not be receiving our money back for the expensive handset they locked down.
    So buyer beware! There is a catch to the Straight Talk “unlimited” data.

  9. Sent them an email yall:

    I just want to write this email to let you guys know that StraightTalk service is horrible. One day I called customer service and they placed me on hold for over an hour when I asked to speak to the supervisor. Another day I called, one guy transferred me then hung up on me. Everytime I call customer service they make me ask for my IMEI # and about 5 security questions before I can tell them I am having problems with my service. They make me feel so uncomfortable like I am a criminal, fraud, or impostor calling on my account. Gustabo was his name I think. Probably gave me a fake employee id #53287. Every phone call is over 30 minutes with customer service because their system is slow and they think I’m an impostor. they cannot get past the security questions or IMEI #. Why would I have the IMEI number to my phone when I am calling on it.

    1-I never get any reception on my phone and my calls would drop.
    2-I had the unlimited plan on my unlocked phone but for some stupid reason it would not work on on YOUR phones.
    3-When I purchased a $30 card at Walmart to refill my account. I of course had to CALL customer service because the automated system was telling me the card will not work. When I did call the rep took 8 mins to verify my account, then transferred me to a sup for some odd reason. The sup stated i need the $45 card only but I told him the guys at Walmart said anycard for refill will work. Because of the misunderstanding the sup agreed to give me just 18 days extension on my account then he invalidated the card. I asked him what about the remaining 10 days, he said thats all he could give me. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY!

    Then l went back to Walmart and found a whole row of prepaid service. With no intent to renew my account I picked up the Walmart Family Moblie, UNLIMITED EVERYTHING FOR ONLY $40! Like magic all i had to do was go online to setup my account and insert sim and like magic i had full signal bars and even my web access automatically configured on my unlocked phone for me!!! What a waste of time I had with StraightTalk. I did not have to call customer service for EVERY LITTLE THING!

    I dont care who reads this in your company, I just want to send this out because I’m posting this on online blogs.

    Your Unvalued Customer

    p.s I closed my StraightTalk account permanetly under phone number xxx-xxx-9172 under the name Fuck U so you probably wont find me.

  10. Hi there everyone, it’s my first go to see at this site, and paragraph is actually fruitful in favor of me, keep up posting such articles or reviews.

  11. Thomas Smith

    Worst (customer) service EVER…. This is by far the worst customer service department that I have ever experienced. And I have had to deal with customer service from most countries for anything from dishwashers to dial-up internet service. They would have improved greatly just by hanging up on me to start with.

  12. Brandie

    I’ve been with Straight talk for a year at least. Yes the customer service sucks but I take that as something I’m dealing with in order to get a lower bill each month & because I don’t have to call customer service very often its something I deal with.

    No you can’t use the phones as a hot spot for internet because then you go over on the data & it is specifically stated in their policies that there is data limits. I mean come on its unlimited service but for the price your not going to be able to run data 24 hours a day & no one say anything. The only real issue I have here is that I bought a phone from straight talk with the capability to be a hotspot if the company does not want you using the service data plan that way I don’t think they should sell phones with hotspot capability as this is misleading. Again this is a sacrifice from the lower bill I get which saves me $600 a year so its something I’ll deal with.

    The review above that talks about walmart saying they could use the $30 a month plan & yet when they called straight talk they were told they needed the $45 a month plan kind of cracks me up. Wal-mart is not straight talk, they are a company that sells Staighttalk phone but they do not know much about the service or their policies. The phone you bought through Walmart should have said clearly on the box (as all mine have) you need the 45 a month plan for this phone. If you bought the wrong service card because of incorrect information from walmart that the card should work you should be returning the card to the store for the 45 a month one & your complaint should be with the employee for giving out wrong information. (In my opinion). If you decided not to go with the service after all then why wouldn’t you return the phone to Walmart?

    Again yes you deal with certain things for a lower bill but saving $600 a year – its worth it to me.

  13. Dennis

    Nice informative article from a customer standpoint. I have always been with the big dogs AT&T and Verizon. Years ago Cellular One and not too long in the past Cingular. Of all mentioned, Cingular rated supreme! I never had any issues with them in the 8 years or so I was a customer, great service and reception-sorry to have seen them go but now it’s all AT&T……pay…pay……….pay!!!
    I have many friends using straight talk for several reasons- NO 2 year contract, $45 a month all inclusive service, and they use AT7T and Verizon towers so you have consistant service. There are NO 100% providers……..believe me, they all have issues like dropped calls, no service areas, and worst of all, some have bogus billing habits-you must be on your toes when paying your bill!!!!
    As for Straight Talk you need to buy a decent phone as the $14.88 bargain champ just doesn’t live up to expectations! They have a nice Samsung Galaxy Precedent or something like that for $149 that has superior features with the best being the 1GB processor…….way out front of the leading cometition! Advanced GPS, Blue Tooth and a whole long list of features makes the Samsung a bargain for the price. It’s only 3G but a friend of mine whos in the business told me their is basically no disernable difference between 3G ,4G, and the new 5G other than a miniscule amount of speed. The difference is within the phones manufacture which basically comes down to…… get what you pay for!
    $5 a month allinclusive unlimited access is superior to Sprints $469 for the same identical plan that I understand has a 1GB cap on data?? Verizon and AT&T are well above $200 a month as with most of the other carriers. Boost has some nice plans but their service area is very limited as with most of the new emerging cell providers.
    I do know that your geographic location and the phone you purchase under Straight Talk determines the provider you get………my area is Verizon so the service should be fairly decent but not excellent as that senario is non existant in the cell industry!
    As with everything else these days, we all need to find alternatives so the mega rich can have bigger mansions, yachts, planes, and all the rest of luxury they are intuned to and I think Straight Talk fills that void!

  14. Paul

    My wife and I were with verizon for years. Basic flip phones with 500 shared minutes, no text, no data. $70 per month plus the increasing amount of texts I was getting, plus all the BS taxes and fees verizon has thought up, it was 80 or 90 a month for 2 phones.

    It came to a point this past year that I was going to need a ‘smart’ phone for a business I am involved in. Well my wife says, maybe we should both get one. Who am I to argue? Well, ‘free’ verizon ‘smart’ phones were going to cost us $70 a month extra, each! Yeah, $210 a month? And we didn’t really like the ‘free’ ones.

    So I did the research. Came across smart talk. Barely any info on their website. Oh, I live about 3 miles from a Walmart supercenter. So I go in there and find the one rep with the 2 brain cells that occasionally bump into each other and fill in the missing blanks.

    Walmart, in addition to smart talk, resells, verizon, att, t-mobile and who knows what else? All very confusing as most cell phone stuff seems to be. They have ST phones that operate on the ATT or verizon networks and possibly some others that I was not interested in. You have to figure out which network is better in your area.

    We were thinking, I-phone for a while, $450 to 650 each to buy without a plan, plus blah blah blah, so that died a quick death.

    So the question emerged out of the darkness. What is the best android smartphone that works on the verizon network on smart talk at this very moment? The LG Optimus Showtime… $199 each (in store only, not on the website). $45 per month each, yeah that’s $90 plus tax. OK, i’ll take 2… So far, a few weeks into this, I am happy with the hardware and the service.

    Well going from a flip phone it’s like entering a new dimension. Phone works off the verizon system without the verizon price. If I switch to the 1 year prepaid on ST I will save at least $1200 over 2 years. Yay for that!

    I don’t consider myself a cheapskate but why pay extra for the same thing?

    Good luck,

    • That’s so great to hear, Paul! Glad you’re enjoying the savings and the service. It’s definitely very freeing to get that smartphone bill for two down below $100 a month. :)

  15. bryon

    The data service is horrible. Get constant data connection lost from both ST phones. About as slow as dial up. I always telling everyone it’s not very dependable. Talk works ok but data sucks

  16. Dave

    Personally, I’m finding Straight Talk terrible. Their phone came incomplete in the package and they’ve refused to just send the back plate they left out of the package. Instead it’s all up to me and Walmart to fix their problem. They just always say ‘….we can’t…’ which means basically ‘…we won’t…’ even though we could we don’t have to and we have your money already so there….. terrible service.

  17. bannec

    I use the automatic refill every 30 days, & In the middle of those 30 days I always get a message that I have a zero balance, when I call I get the voice saying that I should do the *28890 thing & I have already done that & it didn’t do anything at all, then they say they want me to call them back on a different phone so they can check out my phone & I constantly tell them that I have no other phone & IF I could afford another phone service that I would not have to put up with their stupid crummy service & stupid sounding apologies all the time & I would NOT have their POS phone then & any problems. I used to be able to call a number on any phone, insert my str8 talk number & they would tell me what my remaining balance was BUT, now they say they do not have that service anymore, But, I can’t imagine they’d get rid of a great selling point service like that!! I also think that they really NEED to speak plainer & slower & NOT hire the women that have squeaky voices & talk fast, & just stick with “Radio voiced” people, meaning lower voice sound & not fast & squeaky. They all try to make you believe they are Americans because they all take on an American name like Roy or Carl or Sarah or Joe etc. when in fact they do not sound like American’s at all..

  18. bannec

    P.S. The above comment was sent at 1:55 AM not 10:55 pm DOH…

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