we have “PLEASE!”

It’s a historic day here, in CT! We have our very first use of “please” by the Riverbug.

Normally, whenever I ask or encourage her to say “please,” she gets this look on her face that says, “This is meaningless. I’ve already told you what I want. Why add an extra word? And what does “Please” mean, anyway? If it’s not something edible or something I can play with, why would I say it?”

It’s a hilarious look.

Normally, I just say “please” for her, to remind her that it’s part of civil human interaction. Since most of what she asks for is food, I don’t delay giving her food to enforce her saying “please.” (I REALLY just want her to enjoy eating and to eat as much as possible since she’s such a small mite).

But today was different. I’d handed her a red-white-and-blue pinwheel, and she was asking to hold the second one that was standing on the kitchen counter.

“Do you want the pinwheel, River?”

“Yes, YES!!”

“Say ‘Please.'”

::pause:: I could see the “this is pointless” look play across her face, and she subtly shook her head, pointed to the pinwheel and whined.

“Say ‘Please.'”

::point and yell::

“That’s OK. You don’t have to have the pinwheel if you don’t want to say ‘Please.'”

I turned and starting loading dishes in the dishwasher.

She looked a little puzzled, then pointed again.

“Do you want the pinwheel?”

“Yes, YES!!”

“If you want the pinwheel, say ‘please.'”

“Pweese? Pweese?” (rhymes with “geese”).


And of course, she got the second pinwheel. :)

I’m not fooling myself into thinking that she’ll magically use “please” for everything now, but it’s nice to know that she’s physically capable of saying it. :)


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  1. Yay!!! “Please” is a wonderful word. :)

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