listen to your body

So, I’ve had this weird craving for beef for the last few months.

I HATE beef.

The last time I ate beef, I was pregnant. And I still hated it, even while I was eating it to satisfy a craving (the texture, taste…everything is so gross).

Now, 2 years later, I know a lot more about beef production methods, etc., and I only buy grass fed, free range beef for the husband and daughter. Cooking beef grosses me out enough to not want to eat it, even when I know it’s been humanely raised.

So, when I started craving beef, I immediately took a pregnancy test. Negative.

Then I got my iron levels tested at a primary care doctor’s office. Normal.

Then, for a variety of other reasons, I saw a holistic-emphasis endocrinologist, and he did a massive battery of blood tests.

And lo and behold, I have a Ferritin deficiency…an iron deficiency that can be present, even when the regular tests for iron levels show that you’re not anemic.

Plant sources have lots of iron, but the type of iron means that you have to eat a LOT more of the plant sources in order to absorb enough (some sources say that only 2%-8% of iron from plant [non-hem iron] sources is absorbed by the body. Other sources say that non-hem iron is a lot more sensitive to potentially inhibiting dietary factors and that the rate of absorption can vary 20-fold depending on what else you eat that day.

So, my body was telling me to eat hem-iron, and I ignored it. And now my iron stores are depleted.

This all goes to show that you should listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Note to self. ;-)


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