7 Quick Takes

1) Now that she can speak clearly and eloquently about almost anything she wants, River has begun the timeless, elongate-the-bed-time-routine quest that all toddlers embark on. Tonight’s attempt was so cute and funny that I thought I’d share. She called me in about 15 minutes after she went to bed, then proceeded to ask for: “blanket”. Then, “2 blankets?” then “Wee Pooh again sing” (Musical Winnie the Pooh that was mine when I was a tot), “hug”, and then for “milk”. Pretty impressive for a first attempt! :)

2) We’re getting so close to having the house fully liveable. It’s clean, pretty, neat (!!), and massively decluttered. Our next huge project is to reorganize the garage, and we also have tons of those little, annoying, outrageously time consuming projects that come up when you’re a homeowner. Still, it’s nice to not be buried in boxes, clutter and a year’s worth of dust.

3) I’m experimenting with gluten free baking. Thus far I’ve had 1 unqualified success (Hot & Spicy Brownies), 1 delicious but hideous looking success (Incredible Hulk Bread), and am looking forward to seeing how these Chocolate Chip Cookie Pancakes with Cashew Creme turn out (I’m waiting to make them until I’ve eaten the Hulk bread). I’m extremely impressed with how much better my whole grain, homemade, from-scratch, gluten free products are when compared to commercially available items. Sadly, most gluten free breads and desserts sold in stores are designed to mimic food made with white flour, so they’re bland, overly sweet, have awful texture AND are unhealthy. Not something I want to eat or spend money on! Thank goodness for the internet community of GF health nuts! :)

4) I’m extremely homesick for the East Coast Autumn weather. The Fall season was so stunningly beautiful (and fleeting!) last year that it I’m pining for it this year. Experiencing it once was NOT enough, and there are so many fun crafts that require real autumn leaves and dried plants… ::sigh:: Also, I’m realizing that I was too tired from our cross country move, River being 11 months old and waking up 4 times a night, the wunderhusband working insane hours, and adjusting to living somewhere unfamiliar to fully experience my first (and only!) East Coast fall.

5) I AM, however, thrilled to be back in the land of fabulous and easily accessible Mexican food and frozen yogurt!! I didn’t really crave fro yo in CT b/c it was virtually non-existent. However, now that it’s around every corner, I’ve had it FIVE TIMES in 2 weeks! And I’ve lost count how many times I’ve eaten Mexican food. :) Mmmm. Good stuff.

6) The wunderhub and I actually agree on the arrangement of River’s playroom. We tend to have pretty divergent aesthetic preferences, but we both love how her play space has turned out. I will post “before and after” pictures soon!

7) I REALLY miss having a finished attic like we did in CT. That small, dust-free, easily accessed room was such a wonderful place to store seasonal items or things used once a week….I think about it wistfully at least once a day! Makes me realize how important it is to have a well designed house. Even though I’ve radically pared down my non-essential items, there are still so many things that I’d like to have easy (non-garage) access to but don’t want in my main living space. A walk-up attic is the PERFECT solution for that (things like seasonal decorations, clothes that River isn’t quite ready for but that I don’t want to forget about, giant winter coats that aren’t necessary yet, or even things like my gift-wrapping station). Our next house needs to have a good attic! :)

Blessings to you, and have a lovely weekend.


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