Workout #1

So, as a way of keeping track of my progress and which workouts I enjoy, I’m chronicling my workouts here! Sorry if it’s boring. However, if you’re like me and aren’t naturally athletic but want to be in shape, perhaps you’ll enjoy the workouts I discover on this journey.


Weight: 131.8 (first thing in the morning)

Height: 5’3″

Today’s workout:

The 20/20 Workout (substituted crunches for Burpees)–here’s the video demo of all the included exercises.

Time to complete: 25 minutes (I know, I know)…

and the “Muffin Top Meltdown“, both from Cassie at Blogilates.

I was able to do these during River’s naptime and I worked up quite a sweat! Since my core strength is something I want to build up, this Pilates-based workout is perfect for me. :) It was embarrassing to slowly huff and puff my way through these, but I completed them with good form, which is what counts at this point.


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