Who Is Mircat?

Hmmmm…read my blog and you’ll get to know a few of  the myriad facets of the Mircat :)
Basic Info

  • I have an MA in English Literature with a co-emphasis in TESL. I’m currently a full time events-coordinator and preschool teacher for my family of 2 daughters and spouse. :)
  • Born 1979 (eep!)
  • Reside in: USA, CA
  • Married, with 3 children. We are blessed to be raising 2 amazing daughters and we mourn the untimely miscarriage of a little one who we were never able to meet.


  • God, My WunderHusband since 2004, my family, & my friends
  • Glitter, sparkly things, stars, faeries, pixies, & camouflage.
  • Tea (anything w/o tannic acid, so white & herbal teas)
  • BOOKS, Ideas & transforming ideas into reality


  • Blogs, magazines, & assorted ephemera
  • Altered book making, cross stitching, beadwork, viewing art (all mediums)
  • Teaching English
  • Traveling (domestic & international)
  • Cooking healthy food, consuming sushi & vegetarian/raw dishes, exploring gluten free cooking & baking
  • Montessori-style education
  • Very sad songs (they make me happier than almost anything else)
  • Swing Dancing
  • Photography & Videography (I’m an amateur aspiring toward some semblance of competence)

Contact Info

Leave me a comment and I’ll email you back! :)

Last Updated: Jan 24, 2012


5 responses to “Who Is Mircat?

  1. Hi Mircat,
    So I’m guessing (from your posts and your blogroll) that you’re a Torrey graduate? But I can’t quite place you. Mind telling me who you are? And thank you for commenting on my birth story post!

  2. Robert


    I’m 28 and I’m looking around for an adult gymnastics or tumbling class and can’t find one.

    From your research do you have any suggestions.


    • Hi Robert! Congrats on embarking on your endeavor. The only places that I’ve consistently found adult gymnastics classes offered has been community colleges (they’re usually labeled “tumbling” and don’t include any apparatuses other than the floor) and at State Colleges (also labeled as “tumbling”). They’re not terribly expensive, and the teachers are usually surprisingly good. Best wishes!!

  3. Hi! I also studied English and TESL, although I’m a bit older than you (and have a few more kids).

  4. Mircat

    Mother in Israel: That’s awesome–great to meet a fellow English/TESL person! :)

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