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On the crafting docket for Feb 2013…

There are so many inspiring resources available that I find myself mentally planning and Pinterest-pinning activities and stopping there. So, I’ve compiled a short, doable (rather than wishful) list of Valentine’s Day related activities that I’m going to do in the next 4 weeks. I think of it as my antidote to Pinterest-paralysis. :)

  • Salt Dough Ornaments in various, embellished heart shapes. I’m going to string these onto garlands–one for us and a few others for friends and family. My plan is to do most of the work on my own, and then have River paint the shapes with glitter paint and glitter glue, since that’s one of her favorite things to do. I made the dough tonight, and it’s in the fridge to use tomorrow. I already have a few ideas for variations brewing–mixing glitter into the dough so that it doesn’t flake off, and possibly coloring the dough pink.Image (Photo credit and idea credit go to the brilliant and inspiring Jean, at The Artful Parent)
  • Soap Petals–I just adore these and have always wanted to make my own for some weird reason. February is a good month to do something like this with the container of pink, silk rose petals in my craft cabinet. My mom has already put in her order for some, and I think River will get a kick out of using them. Image Photo credit goes to Donna DeRosa of the lovely Etsy Shop, Blushing Rose
  • Find and read a story about St. Valentine that’s appropriate for a 3 year old and talk about the origins of the holiday.
  • Memorize a short love poem with River.

I’m thinking that “Love Came” by Rumi might be a truly fun one to memorize with her if I incorporate lots of interpretive gestures. Sure, it might come across as ridiculing a gorgeous, profound poem, but if silly gestures get that gorgeous, profound poem into her head, I’m OK with the indignity of it). I plan to read the poem aloud with her (with gestures), then record it on her digital recorder for her to listen to, then practice it with her a few times a week. We’ll see how it goes.

  • Memorize John 3:16 with River. (Well, I already have it memorized, so it’s more like helping her learn it). I plan to use the same techniques for this verse as for the Rumi poem.
  • Let River go crazy with a pack of 200 heart-shaped stickers to create 6 Valentine’s Day cards that we will address and send to select friends and family. Yes, I’m deliberately doing only 6 cards. If I get very ambitious, we’ll address these cards with photo address labels similar to the ones Meg of Sew Liberated uses in her little guy’s letter-writing activity. My idea for the cards is to have her put stickers on waxed paper, iron another sheet of waxed paper on top of the stickered one, and cut out hearts that she can then glue onto cards. (It’s an easier variation of Martha Stewart’s “Heart Covered Waxed Paper“).
  • Bake a heart shaped cake topped with strawberries and whipped cream. I will probably do a gluten free one so that I can enjoy it. If I’m ambitious enough, I’m going to attempt a GF version of the child-friendly, French yogurt cake that Pam Druckerman raves about in Bringing Up Bebe. If I’m too tired to have my 3 year old “help,” I will do it by myself while she is occupied with playdough. :-P

So, there you have it: garland, soap, stickers, cards, a poem, a verse, and cake. I figure that mixing in “love” themed activities gives me the entire month of February to do some of these. :)


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FREE Father’s Day Printables from Lisa Vollrath!

Here’s her description of the countdown–THANK YOU for all your hard work, Lisa!

The Father’s Day countdown starts tomorrow! Grab a sheet of images
(or two, or three—you never know) each day between June 5th and
Father’s Day, June 15th:
http://countdown. tentwostudios. com/

Have fun making those Father’s Day Cards!

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Free Mother’s Day Printables!

From the lovely Lisa Vollrath! Grab these images while you can–they’re only up ’til Mother’s Day!

http://countdown. tentwostudios. com

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free valentine-themed printable stuff!

Lisa Vollrath, one of my favorite artists, is giving away 2 weeks worth of free awesome printable craft papers, tags, photos, etc., here, starting February 1st and ending on Valentine’s Day. Enjoy! :)

Update: although this post is from 2008, it links to the current, 2009 Valentine’s Day Countdown!


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Attention Crafters, Scrapbookers, etc!!

Lisa Vollrath (one of my fave artists) of Ten Two Studios is doing a Christmas Countdown! Every day from Dec 1 – 25 she’s giving away beautiful “printables.” In the past these have been anything from tags, tiny paper crafts, and images usable for scrapping, altered book making, collages, cards, etc. Her images are always quirky and not what you’ll find anywhere else. ENJOY!

Oh! and just FYI, if you want to visit her other site, the content is DEFINITELY worth the trouble of registering to see it–her instructions are beautifully clear, amply illustrated, and always original and adaptable to whatever type of crafting/art you may be interested in!

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